Universal Credit Payment 2024

Universal Credit Payment 2024 Payout Dates, Increased Amount and Eligibility

Welcome to your guide on Universal Credit in 2024! Universal Credit is a monthly payment from the UK government to help households with low income or no work. It’s designed to cover basic living costs and encourage people to find jobs.

Universal Credit Payout Date 2024

Universal Credit pays out monthly, replacing six previous benefits like income support and tax credits. Your payment date is set when you first apply, usually on a specific day each month. You can check this in your online account or by contacting the DWP.

Increased Amount in 2024

Good news! The standard amount for Universal Credit in 2024 has gone up by about 6.7%. This increase helps with living expenses, including housing and support for children.

Payment Dates

Your payment date stays the same unless your circumstances change, like having a new baby. Payments might come early if your date falls on a holiday.


To get Universal Credit, you must live in the UK, be over 18, and not yet get a state pension. Your income and savings must be under a certain amount.

How to Apply

To apply, visit the Universal Credit website and choose the benefits that fit your situation. You might need to show documents about your income, savings, and living situation. After applying, you’ll usually get your first payment within five weeks.

Understanding these updates will help you get the most out of Universal Credit in 2024!

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