Capital One Bank Settlement 2024

Capital One Bank Settlement 2024 Class Action Payment Status, Eligibility, Claim, Payment Date

In 2021, Capital One reached a $190 million settlement to resolve a class action lawsuit stemming from a 2019 data breach. This breach exposed personal information of approximately 98 million individuals who applied for Capital One credit cards. The settlement is designed to compensate those affected by the incident, providing financial reimbursement and additional support services. Here, we outline the payment status, eligibility criteria, and the expected timeline for the 2024 disbursements.

Background and Settlement Details

The security breach in July 2019 had severe implications, leading to the class action lawsuit that culminated in a substantial settlement. Starting from September 28, 2023, affected individuals began receiving compensation. The primary administrator overseeing the settlement has ensured that eligible recipients are compensated promptly. In addition to monetary compensation, the settlement includes provisions for credit monitoring, expense reimbursement, and identity theft protection.

Eligibility for Compensation

To qualify for the Capital One Bank Settlement, U.S. residents must meet specific criteria. Eligible individuals include those whose personal information—such as names, addresses, bank account numbers, and Social Security Numbers—was accessed during the data breach. Individuals who received a notice regarding their potential eligibility and filed a valid claim by November 27, 2023, are considered for compensation. Verified claimants will receive direct deposits, and all class members, regardless of their specific claims, will benefit from credit assistance.

Class Action Payment Status

For 2024, the settlement administration continues to process payments for valid claims. Each eligible claimant is entitled to up to $25,000 as compensation for their losses. These payments are primarily issued digitally through the settlement administrator. Individuals who meet the requirements and have filed timely claims will receive their payments as outlined in the settlement terms.

Capital One Settlement Payment Process

The distribution of payments began on September 28, 2023, following the November 27, 2023, deadline for claim submissions. Despite the large-scale nature of the settlement, the administration has worked diligently to ensure timely payments to all eligible individuals. Those who missed the initial payment round may still have opportunities to receive their compensation as the administration addresses outstanding claims.

Additional Support and Important Links

Beyond financial compensation, the settlement provides affected individuals with valuable resources, including credit monitoring and identity theft protection. These measures aim to mitigate the long-term impacts of the data breach and support individuals in safeguarding their personal information.

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The Capital One Bank Settlement represents a significant effort to address the repercussions of the 2019 data breach. With $190 million allocated for compensation, eligible individuals can expect substantial support as they recover from the incident. The ongoing administration of the settlement ensures that all valid claims are processed, and eligible recipients receive their due compensation, thereby providing a measure of justice and relief for those affected.

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