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Statistics about Falls: 
  • 5%   of falls by older adults result in a fracture 
  • 25% of patients over the age of 65 with hip fractures die within 6 months 
  • 25% of individuals with hip fractures lose significant function 
  • 50% of individuals will experience decreased mobility 
Entry into the Program, "Do I Qualify?": 
A doctor's referral based on increased risk due to: 
  • Age
  • History 
  • Medication Changes 
  • Muscles Changes 
  • Degenerative Joint Disease 
  • Post Arthroplasty 
  • Osteoporosis 
  • Basis of a Balance Screening 
Part 1: Screening
Screening helps determine if you fall into the "at risk" category.  This will be done by having you perform a series of specific tests.  

Part 2: Conditioning 
The conditioning part of this program is designed according to what qualifies you as being "at risk".  Therefore, not only is it personalized but it is also preventative.  This is done by providing you with a physical exercise program and also discussing environmental factors that may increase your risk of falling. 

The Program: 

First Visit:  Evaluation 
The Evaluation includes: 
  • Self Assessment of general health 
  • Blood Pressure and Heart Rate Analyse 
  • Assessing Body Strength 
  • A Balance Test
  • Aerobic Endurance Test 
Visit 2:  Review Results and Recommend Exercise Programs 

During the second visit we assess the results of your evaluation and discuss them with you. If you are are at risk for falling, it may be caused by two reasons: 
  1. Physical- poor strength and balance 
  2. Environmental Factors-this includes factors that could increase your risk of falling at home and in your community 
After determining which category you fall under, we will make a Just-For-You exercise program.  

Visit 3-7: Interventions 

Through the use of at home and clinical exercise programs, we will focus directly on improving your strength,coordination, confidence, and mobility which will help prevent future falls and injuries. 
  1. In-Clinic Exercise: Exercises that will help improve strength, balance, walking, speed, step length, gait, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness. 
  2. Home Exercise: Provided instruction for simple exercises that can be done at home and will help improve your balance over a long period of time. 
Visit 8:Reevaluation 

After the completion of the program, a member of our qualified staff will reassess your balance.  You will then be provided with a four week report that will summarize your progress and explain to you the specific areas that need continued improvement. 
For a quick assessment of environmental factors that may be effecting your balance, check out our Hazards Around The Home Page! 
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