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Balance Training

The Biodex is a machine that will assess an individual's balance and also help strengthen their deficiencies.   It is equipped with a balance plate that helps simulate outdoor, uneven ground.  This allows for the patient to experience real life situations in a safe area, without the fear of falling.  It also has a screen that contains many different programs that assess different aspects of the Balance System.  Through this, an individual's balance can be challenged in difficult situations.  

Strength is one of the most critical factors in producing a quick and rapid response to a balance disturbance.  When an individual lacks the proper lower body strength they are at an increased risk of falling.  Therefore, strengthening the important muscles involved in maintaining balance is crucial in avoiding falls. 

The Balance System:
The Balance System within the body is composed of three different integrated systems.  These systems are the Vestibular System, The Proprioceptive System, and the Visual System.  The Biodex will not only assess each of these systems separately but will also help determine which of the three is weak.  Through this, we can focus on certain aspects of the Balance System that will help your balance improve more quickly. 
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