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"I started therapy on July 29, 2014, 14 days after surgery. At that time I had very little range of motion; I could hardly bend my knee. Since I started therapy, I have made much progress. I now am able to lead a normal life: working, lifting, biking, walking and playing golf with no pain. I credit my recuperation to John and Jared, thanks to their dedication and skills."

Bill Sweenor 9/6/13

"Had a cold laser treatment on Monday 4-22-13 to address severe pain in my right knee.  Treatment occurred in the morning and began to feeling relief by evening. Felt a great deal more relief the following day."          

-Bob Bianchini 4/24/13

I was referred to John Ward after having a total hip replacement for the right hip.  I am very pleased with the results of the physical therapy I received and how quickly the range of motion increased.  I will be giving referrals to family and friends.

-Elaine Lucier 4/24/13

Thank goodness John Ward was able to isolate the area and reason for my pain.  It was a nerve. With the physical therapy regime he gave me I am now able to walk up the stairs without pain.

Diane E. Giard 5/1/13


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